MonumentsToken is now available on Pancakeswap!


3% liquidity pool

Ensuring stable tradability and low trading price impact
Liquidity (V2) is locked using Deeplock

3% redistribution

Reward for fidelity, interest on investment

3% monuments

Financing the mission of MT

1% for operational costs

Suppliers, marketing and team reward




Follow the progress of the Monument Token



  • Contract launch
  • Website launch
  • Social media debute
  • Update token on BSC scan
  • Add liquidity / pair with BNB
  • Lock liquidity
  • Lock team tokens
  • Community creation
  • Partnerships with external marketing partners
  • Apply listing CoinGecko & CMC
  • Marketing – marketing – marketing!



  • Partnerships monument conservation
  • Supporting projects (mission MT)
  • Whitepaper



  • Supporting projects (mission MT)
  • Youtube channel (high-end content)
  • Merchandise creation (metal wall art)


Why is the Monumentstoken founded?

The MT team consists of 3 colleagues. Working in the construction industry, it wasn’t hard to notice that a lot of historical and architectural heritage is neglected and starting to decay. The synergy between BEP-20 tokenomics and real-world restoration/reservation projects has the potential to create considerable economical benefits for a large group of stakeholders. Our objective is to create (economical) growth for investors, construction companies, caterings, shopkeepers and local craftsman.

What is the importance of landmarks, monuments and historical buildings?

40% of the tourists define their travel destination based on landmarks, monuments and historical heritage. Tourists are looking for authenticity and value: picturesque cafés in a historical village center, botanical gardens, fortresses and castles, charming town houses…
Think about it, what pictures do tourists take? Not many people are taking photographs of large concrete buildings or glass apartment blocks. The importance of landmarks and historical/architectural/cultural heritage is not to be underestimated.

Is it safe to invest in MT?

The success of our mission is completely dependent on (happy) investors.

Signs of reliability:

  • Locked liquidity: our LP (pancakeswap V2) is locked using DeepLock
  • The MT organization owns 3 times 2,5% of the token supply. These tokens are locked using Deeplock
  • Team members are active within the real estate / construction industry

How to introduce a project to MT?

As our mission is to support the conservation of monumental treasures, we’re really curious to hear your ideas / project plans.

Please contact us by using the contact form.


A strong community can make the difference

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